About Us

About us

ENPRO is a Malaysian company with operations nationwide. The company was founded in 2011 to promote Lightning Safety Protection and involved in the education for electrical consultancy. ENPRO is dedicated to ensure that today’s Lightning Protection Systems maintain the best possible Quality in Design, Materials, and Installation.

We practice lightning protection in accordance to the Tenaga Suruhanjaya Malaysia National Safety Standards of MS IEC 62305 and the promotion of Lightning Protection System (LPS) quality control and assurance through third-party inspection and service maintenance against lightning and earthing protection. Our mission is to protect the precious lives and property from the damaging and costly effects of one of nature’s most destructive and deadly peril.

We offer services such as design, on-site support, and supervision for Earthing & Lightning Protection in accordance to the latest MS IEC 62305 standard, design of Earthing systems to BS 7430 and Local Codes of practice, Soil Resistivity Tests & Reports, Earth Resistance Tests & Reports, Inspection and supervision on sites for installation of LPS. The products we represent are all tested for and in compliance with IEC 62561 and IEC 61643 with local SIRIM and EMAL approval.