ENPRO offers a comprehensive range of services related to the field of Lightning & Surge Protection Systems. The Lightning & Surge Protection Systems can be categorised into 3 types, namely Lightning Protection, Surge Protection, and Earthing Solutions. The following are services provided in relation to the systems mentioned earlier.

Regular consultancy:  This is the main service that ENPRO is providing. We are ready and willing to answer all enquiries and questions that our customers are facing. This would include any technical aspect pertaining to the project.

Seminars and training: Being experts on the field, we are glad to share our knowledge with all our stakeholders. Seminar and training are provided to keep partners and customers updated on the latest news and products in the field, making sure that they are keeping up with the times of Lightning & Surge Protection Systems.

Lightning Risk Assessment: Lightning may be rather erratic in nature but it still possess certain predictable characteristics. Based on those characteristics, ENPRO is able to assess the level of severity and likelihood a certain project will be affected by a lightning strike or electrical surge. Conducting a lightning risk assessment is critical to knowing the level of protection required for the design of the Lightning & Surge Protection System.

Audit of current systems: Knowing the current condition of protection provided to the structure or project is extremely important. ENPRO provides a full audit of the designated premise along with a summary report of the audit according to IEC 63205.

Design and planning of systems: Based on both the customer’s preferences and IEC standards, ENPRO will be able to recommend the level of protection required for the project. We will then plan and design the most suitable Lightning & Surge Protection System for the project.

Installation: Along with the sales of lightning and surge protection products, ENPRO offers services to install all parts used in the projects. Our installation team is highly experienced and well trained.

After installation services: ENPRO’s services to our customers do not end after the installed system is up and running. We retain continual contact with our customers through customer feedback and troubleshooting should future problems arise, with this we hope to uphold our customer’s interest and ensure their satisfaction.


List of Benefits of working with ENPRO

ENPRO is highly experienced in the field of Lightning & Surge Protection Systems.

ENPRO deals with problems in this field on a daily basis thus we will not be out of touch with current issues.

ENPRO has the experience and will be able to provide the most suitable design for the customer.

ENPRO only provide designs and products that comply with all relevant standards.